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. best actor honors went to daniel day-lewis for his portrayal of abraham lincoln, a victory which puts him in the record books. we have more from the star- studded night. >> it was music, music, music for this year's show, with some of the stars showing off their fancy footwork, but the night belonged to daniel day-lewis. he made academy history, becoming the first man ever to win a third best actor oscar. >> my fellow nominees, my equals, my betters, i am so proud to have been his -- been included as one amongst you. >> he made fun of how deeply he throws himself into his roles. >> my wife has been in bed with some very strange man. -- men. ♪ ♪ ♪ sky falls >> sadele gave a stirring performance of "skyfall." she won the oscar for best original song, the first time a n oscar.me has won a it was a short, but emotional thank you. >> oh, god. thank you for believing me all the time. and my man. i love you, baby. >> jennifer lawrence won the oscar for best actress, but stumbled when she was accepting the award. she took it all in stride. angl lee won tester after four life of pi, --
's my wedding. it's my wedding video. [ cheers and applause ] >> daniel day-lewis, "lincoln." >> upon the world stage now, now. the fate of human dignity in our ha hands. blood's been spilt to afford us this moment, now, now, now! [ applause ] hugh jackman, "les miserables." ♪ escape now from that world but the world ♪ ♪ there's nothing now let it begin ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> joaquin phoenix, "the master." >> the love of your life. >> yes, sir. >> why aren't you with her? >> yes, you do. tell me why. >> i told her i'd come back and never went back and now i got to get back to her. >> why don't you go back. >> i don't know. >> why don't you -- >> i don't know! [ applause ] >> denzel washington, "flight." >> october 11th, october 12th and 13th and 14th i was intoxicated. i drank all of those days. i drank. and accept. >> on the morning of the accident -- >> i was drunk. and i'm drunk now. [ applause ] >> and the oscar goes to -- daniel day-lewis. [ cheers and applause ] >> daniel day-lewis is the first actor to win three oscars in the lead actor category. [ cheers and appl
daniel day lewis. >> yeah, daniel day lewis is pretty much 99.9% locked in to win. two interesting facts here, daniel day lewis, if he wins sunday night, he'll be the first actor in history to have three best actor wins. also, this fact is staggering. no actor or actress has ever won an academy award for appearing in a steven spielberg film, which is amazing to me. he could make history. i feel bad for hugh jackman and joaquin phoenix -- >> are you still there? we may have lost -- okay, sounds like we lost kevin. allison, we're up. sounded like he was saying that all the best actor nominees have had the performances of their careers so far. i know bradley cooper was astounding in ""silver linings playbook"." and kevin believes hugh jackman should win, but he thinks daniel day lewis will win because of the momentum and everything. >> daniel day lewis became, you know, what we assume was abraham lincoln. i started looking into it, was he as quirky as that, did his voice sound like that. it intrigued me. we'll see on sunday. >> the interesting thing to me is, and kevin is right, in any othe
: and song and dance. ♪ just the way you look tonight ♪ >> reporter: daniel day-lewis' portrayal of lincoln earned him his third best actor oscar. quipping to presenter meryl streep -- >> three years ago, before we decided to do a straight swap, i had actually been committed to play margaret thatcher. >> reporter: while best actress jennifer lawrence got her first. >> you're just standing up because you feel bad that i fell and that's really embarrassing. but thank you. this is nuts. >> reporter: and anne hathaway was this year's favorite to win best supporting actress. >> here's hoping that someday in the not too distant future, the misfortunes of fantine will be found only in story, and never more in real life. thank you. >> christoph waltz. >> reporter: while "django unchained's" christoph waltz took home best supporting actor. ang lee won best director for "life of pi." >> thank you, movie god. >> reporter: a lot of music last night, including james bond music. "skyfall" ended up winning two oscars. that's a lot for a james bond movie. "argo" and "les mis" took three. and "life of pi" t
to ang lee for "lie of pi." "lincoln," though, had its day in the sun, as daniel day-lewis earned his third academy award for best actor. jennifer lawrence might have enjoyed her best actress win for "silver linings playbook" if she hadn't take an spill on her way to the stage. she didn't let that incident get her down. >> thank you. you guys are just standing up because you felt bad that i fell. this is nuts. >> she is amazing. second nomination. she's just 22 years old. rounding out the list of awards, anne hathaway took the prize for best supporting actress for "les miserables." and christoph waltz won his second supporting actor. as for the host, reviews are in. it's a mixed bag for seth macfarlane. "time" magazine calls him "american dud." but the washington post thought that he proved his worth calling him a "versatilite host." we'll show you ben affleck's rambling acceptance speech. >>> but first, let's get to the news, here, live at 5:30 a.m. we begin overseas, where afghan president karzai gets his way, american special forces will be banned from a key area in the country wit
battlefield. while daniel day lewis was only playing the president, some of the movie soldiers weren't just acting. >> john. >> two years after losing his legs in an ied explosion, joey jones was one of three veterans cast in the acclaimed movie. >> as a georgia boy, you are intimidated by hollywood. >> spielberg wanted real military amputees for this crucial scene where lincoln visits the hospital. >> before they shot the scene, steven spielberg came in. i don't know -- i got the impression he was positioning us to where the veterans would be closest to the camera. >> jones shot three scenes, you can only see him in this one. his one line. >> president john. >> i've seen you before. >> the president is going to come in and we are going to say hello to you and greet you like he did in the war. >> just six seconds, but it left an impression. >> i've had dinner with president obama. when daniel walked in the room, i think that in my mind, i got more of the feeling of respect for president, for at least five minutes i shook president lincoln's hand. >> it would become a friendship
's actual watch. and actor daniel day-lewis recreated his high-pitched voice. >> tell us the news from the hill. >> ah, well the news... >> why, for instance, is this thus, and what is the reason for this thusness. >> stahl: day-lewis stayed in character through the making of the entire film. >> i never, ever felt that depth of love for another human being that i never met. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm leslie stahl. >> i'm morley safer. >> i'm lara logan. >> i'm charlie rose. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories tonight on "60 minutes." tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 seems like etfs are everywhere these days. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 but there is one source with a wealth of etf knowledge tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 all in one place. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 introducing schwab etf onesource™. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 it's one source with the most commission-free etfs. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 one source with etfs from leading providers tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and extensive coverage of major asset classes... tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 all brought to you by one firm tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 with comprehensive educa
daniel day-lewis once again wins for best actor here at the oscars tonight. now, a.j., i want to send it back over to you. you have yet another actor who can talk to just how great daniel day-lewis is. you have john leguizamo with you at the elton john party. >> yeah, the great john leguizamo is with me. we were watching daniel day-lewis and his name being announced and you said, of course. >> yeah, like you said, he won it since the day he was cast. you thought lincoln would take all of the awards, a lot of big surprises, life of pi. >> a couple of months ago, that was the story. >> and "argo" started coming up. i was so happy ang lee won. that was one of my favorite films. >> i want to go back to daniel day-lewis. this makes him only the first actor in history to have three best actor awards. that makes him the actor's actor. he's the guy. >> he's incredible. that performance was like you were watching the actual lincoln come to life. it was brilliant. >> what is it about him? everybody talks about his method and the fact he gets so deeply into character and there was a great line f
. this is nuts. >> reporter: and best actor went to daniel day-lewis. >> three years ago, before we decided to do a straight swap, i had actually been committed to play margaret thatcher. >> reporter: then the award everyone was waiting for, best picture. >> "argo." congratulations. >> i think everyone who did anything with this movie gets thanks. >> reporter: it was so great to see ben affleck win the oscar for "argo" and best picture. as you can see in the wee hours of the morning in hollywood, a lot of people are still celebrating. we have the governor's ball behind me. charlize theron walked by. 1,500 people wining and dining behind me here this morning. reporting live, brandi hitt. back to you in the studio. is >> you have such a terrible assignment this evening. we feel so bad for you. brandi, i have to ask you, i'm on the fence about seth macfarlane's performance. what is the reaction how he did as a host? >> good question, diana. i'm on the fence a little too. he is provocative and he's kind of criticized online about being too provocative and not finding a rhythm. some people have taken
proclamation. it was an emotional movie. it was a masterpiece. daniel day-lewis deserves an oscar. >> daniel day-lewis. i find myself agreeing with 100% with george, on each point he made. >> on "zero dark thirty"? >> yes. >> you know, i got to go with george, i do agree with that "zero dark thirty." i have to go with intrade. and the fact that it's not going to win. but on the best performance, i'm going to get out of my comfort zone and go with anne hathaway in "les miserables." >> that was a raw performance. >> george and steven and i can be movie buddies. i'm going to go with "zero dark thirty." it was a great moment of american triumph. and daniel day-lewis, as well, too. it's magic to embody a character like that. >> i have to agree daniel day-lewis. >> "zero dark thirty" be in suspense watching the movie the whole planet knows the ending of the movie. >> i loved "argo" as well. >> same thing goes for "lincoln." >> let me give a shoutout to q wall wallis. >> thank you. >>> now, we'll take break and honor our fellow americans who serve and sacrifice. after the longest gap without a casu
. >> the 85th annual academy awards ceremony has wrapped up. best picture went to "argo." daniel day-lewis received best actor for his portrayal of abraham lincoln. jennifer lawrence won best actress for her role in "silver lining playbook." >> the oscar goes to "argo." the first lady made a surprise appearance by satellite link from the white house to announce the best picture winner. >> i think everyone in the movie, of the movie, did anything with this movie, you get tanked. i want to thank canada, our friends in iran living under terrible circumstances, i wife. >> as widely expected, daniel day-lewis won the title for best actor for the title role in lincoln. the first actor to receive this award three times. >> i have received more than my fair share of four and in my life and i am thankful to the academy for this beautiful honor. >> jennifer lawrence of
by seth mack farlane, the 85th academy as, a concoction of sat tire, silliness. -- daniel day lewis's pour trail of lincoln earned him his third oscar. >>> three years ago, i had been committed to the play margaret thatcher. >> reporter: best actress jennifer lawrence got her first. >> you guys are standing up because you feel bad that i fell, that's really embarrassing. >>> anne hat hat hathaway won her first. >> there were musical tributes galore. "chicago." -- . and the 50th anniversary of james bond, "skyfall" and adele fittingly scoring the oscar for best original song. . "skyfall" ended up with two oscars, a big deal for a james bond movie. arg o, three, and "life of pi" took home four. back to you. >> >> baltimore raven even got -- check it out. he was there, he looks great. the safety was at the oscars a correspondent for the nfl network >> we do want to remind you for a complete wrapup of everything cross cars, including the clothes and the awards, head to our website, you can always follow us on twitter for the late hash tag. >> >> lynette teased up a mowment ago saying today ma
to finish "catching fire" the sequel to "hunger games." >> daniel day-lewis needs to rest. the lincoln star said i need to lie down for a couple years. it's hard to imagine doing anything after this. >>> lots of folks tuned in for the big win. they scored over 40 million viewers. first time host seth mcfarlane was fairly well liked. more than james franco. the album of the year, mumford and sons is moving to hip hop. they have been talking to jay-z about what should be a fresh experience for the band. >>> wedding bells. janet jackson confirmed she married her billionaire boyfriend and christina applegate said i do. daniel day-lewis saying he's going to take years off to rest, it must be nice. >> you work hard. then you feel guilty takes days off. >> maybe if i can find a billionaire husband like janet i can take years off. this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned. "way too early" starts right now. >>> when it came time for best picture, was the award presented by a huge movie star? no. it was presented by first lady, michelle obama accompanied by a pile of wrinkled laundry. did she give it
prestigeous award. bigad shaban, cbs news, hollywood. >> if daniel day lewis wins the oscar for best actor for his portrayal of president abraham lincoln, he would become the first actor in history to win the award three times. he did have a spectacular performance in that movie. >>> still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news, sounding off governor o'malley now pushing for a deal to avoid the upcoming sequester, what he's doing to help the negotiations. >> in hot water, why the brother of olympian oscar pistorius is also facing murder charges today, the stunning details coming up. >> complete coverage continues with adam may and meteorologist bernadette woods and sports with stan saunders. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> it's 39 degrees, partly cloudy in central maryland right now. bernadette's complete first forecast is coming up. >>> mounting fears surrounding the fiscal crisis march 1st is the deadline, just days away for lawmakers to reach a deal to avoid $85 billion in automatic spending cuts. president obama says every american will feel
that you would not have not have"lincoln." >> we all know that daniel day lewis is going to win the oscar for "lincoln." did you know, he was not the first choice? >> there's new interest in the 16th president thinks to daniel day-lewis's accurate portrait. >> he did have a higher pitched voice. >> she serves as the executive director of the lincoln cottage, where he lived with his family during the summers of his presidency. they opened the cottage to public tours, just as steven spielberg began to plan his film. >> a colleague and i had a minor role in the film. >> because it also got a visit from liam neeson spielberg's original choice to play lincoln. >> it is hard to say how he would be different. they are both very tall actors. and both from the united kingdom. >> a few months into the project, neeson dropped out, and the project went to daniel day lewis. spielberg wanted neeson because they work together in "schindler's list." can reserve a tour at lincolncottage.org. it is off northwest and north capitol. it is very cool. >> it looks like a beautiful building too. >> a lot of hist
for best picture and best performer? >> daniel day-lewis. the best picture, i think for three reasons, "zero dark thirty." to make a suspense movie when everyone knows the outcome. it's a genuine contribution to education. but third, it's a rebuke to senator levin, feinstein and mccain who have enough to do without being movie critics. falsely accusing that movie of taking a stand on torture it does not take. >> "lincoln." a year we celebrate 150th anniversary of the emancipation proclamation. it was an emotional movie. it was a masterpiece. daniel day-lewis deserves an oscar. >> okay. >> daniel day-lewis. i find myself agreeing 100% with george, on each point he made. >> on "zero dark thirty"? >> yes. >> yes. senators should be dealing with the stuff that we dealt with at the beginning of this discussion. >> you know, i got to go with george, i do agree with that "zero dark thirty." i have to go with intrade. and the fact that it's not going to win. but on the best performance, i'm actually going to get out of my comfort zone and go with anne hathaway in "les miserables." >> that was
" and daniel day lewis won me some serious coin. >> we love the people ending their day with this. they were two of the favorites. they must have went 2-1 because they weren't long shots by any stretch of the imagination. thanks, joe. "morning joe" begins right now. >>> and now for the moment we have all been waiting for -- and the oscar goes to -- "argo." congratulations. >> well, good morning. it's monday, february 25th, welcome to "morning joe." everyone's a little tired here for some reason. with us on set, we have msnbc contributor mike barnicle. wake up, mike. and the president of the council on foreign relations -- you were not up. richard was. it was so good. >> how many times have you been now? >> you haven't been. >> 13th time. >> willie, have you been? >> i have not been to the opera. >> it's really good. lincoln center. >> i walked past the fountain at the lincoln center. >> you have to go. i'm going to force you. >> on the way to p.j. clark's. >> right across. obviously, we have a lot to talk about. coming up, the sequester, of course, is going down to the wire. robert gibbs had
for best picture. and i have three picks for best actor. daniel day lewis. daniel day lewis. and daniel day-lewis. do you have a thought on that? >> well, i do think that daniel day-lewis is going to win best actor, and i think that "lincoln" has a good shot. it was nominated for more oscars than any other film. it had 12 nominations. but i actually hear in hollywood that "argo" is going to come away with best picture. i do think spielberg will get best director, though. but i think for the biggest award for best picture is between "argo" and "lincoln." >> but you know, "argo" has won every other award. golden globes, the british academy awards. it's always winning. but i think you've got to give it to "lincoln" on this one. it was larry that actually started me on that film. it is one of the most riveting films ever. another factor. most of the academy voters, most people don't know this, most of them are in their 70s and 80s. it's a much older crowd that does the voting. >> they like historical movies. there's no doubt. you by think it might go to "argo" not just because of the momentum they ha
. it would be easier to jackhammer abe lincoln off of mount rushmore than daniel day-lewis for taking home the award for best actor. hugh jackman, first-time nominee of "les miserables." . gets it. no actor playing an u.s. president has won an academy award. if daniel day lewis doesn't win the best actor, you'll hear the screams emanate to where you are. >> abc's oscars coverage begins tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >>> and the forecast for the red carpet is positive for the day. let's get more on that from ginger zee. >> slightly windy. let's start in worcester, massachusetts, they have had already three feet this month. they're getting more, three to five inches. some snow in portland, maine. boston, just a little bit. temperatures behind it, aren't too terrible. pittsburgh, 36. 35 for detroit. until 3:00 p.m., los angeles has a wind warning, advisories out around the region. something to note if you plan on watching, some of the hair blowing around and some of the dresses, too. morning, 50s. afternoon high, 71. >>> we'll take a look at some of the record heat that happened in florida. co
. >> shepard: tide you love it? >> i thought it was fantastic. and daniel day-lewis is fantastic, also sweep egg all of the awards this season, and definitely going to take it for best actor. >> shepard: nominated for costume and makeup? >> that's a good question. i don't know. it's spectacular. i'm sure it is. and sally fields, nominated for support actress, but probably not going to get it. >> shepard: best actor. >> best actor, daniel day lewis, absolutely sure, no. do you it would be a complete upset if anybody got it. bradley cooper would be the only other person who might sneak in there. >> shepard: no walking phoenix at -- joaquin phoenix. >> no. >> shepard: best actress or actor female. >> best act foree mail. i like that. jennifer lawrence. this is one of the seasons where you kind of wonder, who is it going to be? jennifer lawrence, just like daniel day-lewis, has swept all of the awards this season. jessica -- when hey have the been against each other in the other awards shows they have always gone number one and number two jennifer lawrence taking the trophy. >> shepard: for th
satire, silly, and song and dance. ♪ just way you look tonight >> daniel day-lewis portrayal of abraham lincoln earned his third best. >> three years ago before we decided to do a straight swap, i actually had been committed to play margaret thatcher. >> best actress jennifer lawrence got her first. >> you are just feeling bad that i fell and that is embarrassing but thank you. >> anne hathaway as the favorite to win best supporting actress won for "les miserables." and "unchained" won best supporting actor. the biggest upset is director for "life of pi" and musical tributes including "chicago." "les miserables." also of course the 50th anniversary of james bond with adele scoring the oscar for best original song for "sky fall." >> that ended up with two oscars, a big deal for james bond. "argo" and "less" got three, and "life of pi" won four awards. >> stay with "good morning america" for continuing coverage with robin, george, josh, sam all in hollywood bringing you much more on winners, the speeches, the fashion, and the after parties. "good morning america" starts at 7:00. >> a new
to deface daniel day-lewis' chances for taking home the award for best actor. hugh jackman, first-time nominee of "les miserables." he gets it. >> if i'm in the mezzanini, there's a very good chance i won't be winning. >> reporter: knono actor playinn u.s. president has won an academy award. if daniel day-lewis doesn't win the best actor, you'll hear the screams emanate to where you are. >> abc's oscars coverage begins tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. 4:00 pack. on monday "good morning america's" oscar party with the stars. >>> and the forecast for the red carpet is positive for the day. let's get more on that from ginger zee. >> it's slightly windy. but let's start in worcester, massachusetts, they have had already three feet this month. they're getting more, three to five inches today. some snow in portland, maine, too. boston, just a little bit. that's going to pull away. temperatures behind it, aren't too terrible. pittsburgh, 36. 35 for detroit. here's that wind i was talking about. until 3:00 p.m., los angeles has a wind warning, advisories are out around the region. something
is enough to thank the academy. >> and daniel-day lewis is up for a best actor. >> yes. >> 12 nominations in thfilm. >> yes. and "argo" is about the plot to get not the hostages persave but the people in the embassy out of iran. you will like this one. >> yes. it goes quickly. it is not one of those long movies. you get emotionally connected and excited. what could be better than that? >> okay. let's take a look at "argo"... . >> i saw this yesterday and i knew the outcome coming in and it still had my blood pressure sky high. >> it is good directing. >> it is unbelievable that he is not nominated, ben affleck. in a movie, how does the directing vary? >> i can tell you. it is the director's mission. the director decides how it will look, how bit had edited and cast. >> this shot comes up with the editor? >> absolutely. it is amazing to me he isn't nominated. that is how it goes. for best actor, you were mentioning best actor, lincoln. i am hoping, i can't help for lei, because -- leis leis, not just because difficult a gí z 6 "les misirables", not just because of hugh jackman, bu
leannies with black truffles and chestnuts to kobe steak, even chicken pot pie for daniel day-lewis. i think he is going to feel at he. and then we gonna have the lobster, going to have sushi, so many different things, it's unbelievable and i chilled already 100 bottles of dom perignon. everybody who wins gets a bolt. >> who drink more, the ones who lose or the ones who win? >> i think the ones who lose drink more. >> you have done 19 of these, i think. has the nightmare ever happened where you just run out of pow? >> the first year we did it here, it was called the kodak near the old time, before they went down and it -- i think it was like 10:00 at night, we were just serving the main course, power went out, gas went out and i had still to cook for like 1,000 people and i brought out, like, propane gas and sterno, 15 minutes later, the engineer finally made it up to the fifth floor around turned the power back on but the longest 15 minutes i ever had. >> love these, these are the chocolate oscars, nearest thing i will ever get. >> if you get hungry one night at home, you eat them. >>
won raves for her officer, now is a no- brainer, daniel day-lewis for lincoln. best supporting actress anne hathaway, best director is steven spielberg for lincoln. best picture, argo. argo will get the top prize but playbook will win most awards. >> he is the expert. we invite you to watch special coverage of the academy awards live from hollywood. they will be live on the red carpet and we will be here for abc seven news after the oscars. we will watch it together. >> he needs to take that spot and bundle up. other]g over each andnted to take you outside this a great where light displays on outside of the kennedy center, i will show it to you tonight as well. our washington snowfall, it has only been a bit over 5 inches. not even 2 inches today in wichita, kansas. over 15 inches of snow, the second biggest of all time. lightningnder snow, during a thunder smell. -- thunder snow. snowing at 2 inches an hour. you can see, there are friends there and the storm is leaving. look at where it is setting. nasty winter weather heading toward ohio. that is a mixture of snow, sleet, and freezin
. >> [laughter] >> coming up, weird al yankovic, you are not a jew. >> daniel day lewis. >> i think he's jewish. >> we got redman. we asked him a multiple choice question. what do most americans live within 50 miles of. >> everybody lives near a corner with some good ass bud. >> our camera man goes i'll agree with that and turns the camera off. >> no. >> next >> "tmz" online and on your phone 24/7. >> how is it going? >> we got redman, rapper. we asked him what do most americans live within 50 miles of, a, their birth place; b, the ocean; or c, a starbucks? >> people don't move, their birth place. >> redman says everybody lives near a corner where theres some good ass bud. >> our camera guy goes i'll agree with that and turns the camera off. >> no. [laughter] >> i looked it up, 50% live within 25 miles of their mother. >> my mom is in heaven. >> you're way further than that. >> so i'm a long ways away and will probably be further. getting longer by the day. >> it's getting further. >> tupac versus biggie. oasis versus blur. creed versus a pile of poopy. huge music feuds.
day-lewis for best actor. but the question remains, who will win best picture? >> don't forget our own large campbell and cynne simpson -- arch campbell and cynne simpson have an oscar special tonight at 8:00. they will also be live on the red carpet on sunday. >> how could we forget those two? >> it is kind of cloudy, damp and chile, but nothing really terrible. so, have a good weekend. all right, see you next time. ok i will hang out for a couple of minutes and show you doppler radar. temperatures are critical. it is above 33 degrees, and nothing happens. if it is below, there could be patches of ice. temperatures are right on that borderline area for several more hours. look how far below average the high was today. the across the area, there may be a few more patches of rain or freezing drizzle. areas northwest of washington are going to continue on a winter weather advisory. in the metro area, temperatures will probably rise another few degrees over the next couple of hours. significantly above freezing to the south and east, and that is where it will stay through the evening hou
jessica testing one -- won graves -- rave reactions. >> daniel day-lewis for "lincoln." best director " steven spielgberg" for -- for steven spielberg for "lincoln." >> we invite you to watch our special abc 7 coverage of the academy awards live from hollywood, cynne simpson and arch campbell there. that will start tonight at 5:00. >> doesn't he look spiffy? >> 4:57. >> still ahead call it a sweet move
it "silver linings playbook," and daniel day-lewis won for "lincoln." tonight at 5:00, robert gladden jr. awaits sentencing for the shooting at perry hall high school. and it is crunch time at baltimore city schools. advocates are pushing for funding that would pay for major construction costs. and coverage of how the budget cuts are getting closer and closer to home. and now your maryland lottery numbers. >> i am sarah fleischer from 98 rock. time to play your pick 3 numbers. ingushes in the price is right scratch-off from the maryland lab -- introducing the prices right scratch-off from the maryland lottery a chance to play the $1 million las vegas can show experience. details at mdlottery.com. bob diamond is all set and ready to go. the maryland lottery -- let yourself play. >> rain tomorrow, a little bit of sleet. wednesday and thursday, wintry mix possible. we dry out by the end of the week. >> the mix will happen -- >> tomorrow it will be laid at midday. >> rush hour. >> now, after rush-hour. >> thank you for joining us.
chastain won raves for dark thirty. best actor -- daniel day lewis lincoln. best supporting actress, anne hathaway. as director, steven spielberg for lincoln. argo,.cture -- . i have a feeling the silver linings playbook will win the awards. >> i think might be right. the action starts tomorrow night at 7:00 on abc 7. >>
. daniel day-lewis made history as the first man to win best actor three times. jennifer lawrence won for best actress. i talked to the man sied -- to an nay o dell. >> tell us about the fall from jennifer lawrence? >> i feel like i jinxed her talking about the train on her dress. i recall her going up the stairs to make her speech one of the highlights of the evening. i'm not saying that to make fun of her it made her more lovable. now she's an oscar winner and human so trying to navigate that train and getting up there and recovering by going i know why you all are giving me the standing ovation it's because you saw me fall and i'm embarrassed. i talked to her on the red carpet and she was talking about how big that train was and how it was even tough for her to get to the red carpet transportation wise.take a listen to what she had to say. >> how did you decide on your dress? who is this by? >> this is the one only dress i tried on. >> how did you fit in the car? >> we took the front eat out and i sat in the back. >> did you really? >> yeah. it was an or deal. >> quite the or dell
favorites this -- few favorites, anne hathaway and daniel day-lewis. >>> now a face you may not necessarily recognize. >> when you hear his music you will know it. the composer john williams is the most nominated man in oscar history. on sunday he is up for his work on "lincoln." spielberg credits williams. his best known work is just two notes. one of the favorites came for his score for star wars. >> to turn around and see them all waving these light sabres, you couldn't plan it. 30 years from now someone would be celebrating. impossible. >> that was a high geek moment. he will have to wait until sunday. the score is up against scores for "lincoln," sky fall and life of pi. >> watch it sunday night at 7:00 and stay tuned for abc2 news at 11. >>> you got to check ot our complete oscar guide. go to abc2news.com/oscar. you can find everything you need to know about the oscar. >> coming up all new at 6:00, your driving record is spotless, right? that means your insurance rate should be low, too. not exactly. why state drivers end up paying more than drivers who had crashes. >> we're two night
award. >> i always really wanted to do something on lincoln. >> daniel day lewis is on in pursuit of his third oscar. >> i like our chances now. >> jessica chastain picked up her second nomination for "zero dark thirty." but it's quvenzhane wallace, who's ready to steal the night away from her fellow nominees. >> who the man? >> i'm the man! >> all eyes will be on ben affleck sundays night who was snubbed by theed academy for directing "argo." it's the odds on favorite to beat the field for best picture, which could make for a true hollywood ending. >> i thought, if i can even execute in a basic way on this, this would be the best thing i've ever done by far. >> now, brian, i know you moonlight as a film critic. i'd like to hear what your choices are. so for best actress in a leading role, your pick? i heard you like jennifer lau lawrence. >> i think it's 50/50 between her and jessica chastain. >> i like quvenzhane wallace. >> really? >> 9 years old. she did an amazing job. "beasts of the southern wild" is an amazing film. let's go to the men. best actor in a leading role? >> this is kin
. the academy awarded daniel day-lewis with the best actor trophy. he's the first male three-time winner of the statue. >> and the oscar goes to daniel day-lewis. >> reporter: meryl streep another three-time winner presented the award. >> i had actually committed to play margaret thatcher and meryl was steven's first choice for "lincoln." >> reporter: jennifer lawrence won for best actress for playing a troubled widow who dances her way to love in ""silver linings playbook." but she wasn't as light on her feet while accepting the honor. >> what went through my mind when i fell down? >> yeah. >> a bad word. >> reporter: but any embarrassment seemed to fade away as she celebrated during many of the after-parties. during the ceremony it was anne hathaway got one of the largest applauses. that's when she won for best supporting actress for "les miserables." anne-marie? >> edward lawrence in los angeles. thank you. >>> well coming up in the "morning news," more from oscar night. we'll show you which cutting-edge gowns took home the fashion awards. >> and the latest i
to play mary todd lincoln. alongside daniel day-lewis in steven spielberg's "lincoln." >> madam president, if you please. >> reporter: in this acclaimed performance for which she poured through books for the former first lady, gained 25 pounds, nearly didn't happen. >> because mary was ten years younger than lincoln, it wasn't going to work. >> reporter: but spielberg decided to give her one more chance. a customarily reclusive daniel day-lewis offered to fly in for the day to act with her. >> when he walked across the room, i said mr. lincoln, and he kissed the top of my head and said, my honor. and it will be one of the things that i remember forever and ever and ever. >> reporter: for field, there's much to be proud of, three sons, four grandkids. her performance achieved under more challenging circumstances than she has previously shared. >> my mom passed away while i was doing "lincoln." she was very ill. so it was ongoing. >> reporter: margaret field herself was an actress. >> it was like her gift. you know, it was a gift. it's just was very, very hard. but, it was the way it was su
. steven spielberg won bers director and lee took home the gold for the daring movie life of sy. daniel day-lewis won best ak fo tore for his portrayal of the former president. he was the first ever to win three best actor oscars. >> jennifer lawrence for her role in silver lining play books. she tripped on the way to the stage. then she did get a standing o. >> thank you. you guys are just standing up because you feel bad that i fell and that's real limb bare rasing. >>> oo he won his best supporting actor for quentin tarantino change and hathaway as expected won best supporting actress for les mis and oscar go adelle won best song for sky fall it is the first james bond movie to win a best song oscar. there is this an oprah rare between sky fall and zero dark 30 that hasn't happened since 1994. >> we are going live from hollywood. he was on the red carpet talking to all of the bigs celebrities including jennifer lawrence and hugh jackman. >> we will test you all of that later on in the show. >> right now it is time for your top 5@5:00. the top five stories making tus n for you at this hour. >>
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